Pnina Shor heads the project on behalf of the IAA and oversees a network of collaborations with various institutions in Israel and abroad. The implementation of the project in all its facets is coordinated by Orit Kuslansky Rosengarten and Viviana Moscovich of the IAA. The conservators of the scrolls who painstakingly preserve them and also prepare them for imaging are: Lena Libman, Tanya Bitler, Tanya Treiger, Asia Vexler and Yana Frumkin.

The scientific team developing the monitoring system was assembled by Dr. Gregory Bearman, the IAA consultant for imaging technologies of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The team includes Prof. Emilio Marengo and Marcello Manfredi(University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy); Dr. Fenella France (Preservation Research and Testing Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.); Prof. Zeev Aizenshtat (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

The first database of the IAA State Collections was created by Tamar Rabbi based on databases compiled by Prof. Emanuel Tov. Dr. Shani Tzoref led the academic research, improved and maintained the IAA State Collections’ database for integration in the first version of the website, followed today by Oren Ableman. The IAA's IT department manages the technological infrastructure of the project. The head of the team, David Gabai, CIO at the IAA, is assisted by Arcady Mutter, PMO, and Iris Yossifon, senior programmer of the IAA's database.

Specially trained expert photographers and graphic artists Yair Medina and Shai Halevi, from Jerusalem Fine Art Prints, are responsible for conducting the imaging process, operating the system and providing technical advice. Ken Boydston directed the work at MegaVision to develop the camera, software and imaging system; Dr. Bill Christens-Barry, Equipoise Imaging, LLC, developed the lighting technology. The website texts were written and edited by Dr. Shani Tzoref, Pnina Shor, Orit Kuslansky Rosengarten, Viviana Moscovich, Oren Ableman, Jordana Shay, Caroline Hughes and Rachel Kudish-Vashdi. The Hebrew translation was prepared by Rachel Kudish-Vashdi; the Arabic translation by Dr. Kamil Sari and Dr. Hamoudi Khalaily; the German translation by Zeev Slepoy and Franziska Ede; the Russian translation by Michael Tuval and Alexy Yuditsky.

The members of the advisory committee of Dead Sea Scrolls Scholars, nominated by the IAA, are: Prof. Emanuel Tov, Prof. Elisha Qimron, Prof. Devorah Dimant, Prof. Menahem Kister and Dr. Michael Segal. Special thanks to Shelby White, Chairman of the Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority and to Adam O. Emmerich, President of the Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Website Design and Development

Bacon Oppenheim


The videos were prepared by Itai Rappaport and Yair Medina.

Special Thanks

The project was launched with the collaboration, support and dedication of the Google R&D team in Israel: Prof. Yossi Matias, Managing Director, Eyal Fink, Software Engineer and Eyal Miller, Principal, New Business Development.